The all new way to Star-Delta start motors (SDS).

The AMC 1 is a Microprocessor based solution to many challenges that this type of motor control presents. 

The AMC 1 reduces initial equipment costs.

The AMC 1 is easy to use even for the layman.

The AMC 1 can be used on any control voltage up to 415VAC.

The AMC 1 makes maintenance predictable and repair easy. 

The AMC 1 is a German  design, using only durable high quality components and is proudly made in South Africa. 

The AMC carries a twelve month conditional warranty.

The AMC is available country-wide from leading retailers.


T F I N e le c t r o n i c s

specializes in the production of innovative electronic products for all industries that require electrical control or supervision. 

Our products are never copies of existing products. Although our merchandise can and will perform common tasks, it will do so better, more reliable and more operator-friendly than any other device in it's price range.

T F I N e l e c t r o n i c s'  AMC 1 for example combines Star-Delta motor starting via PLC-type controls with temperature monitoring via the motors internal thermistor arrangement. It can also be used as an ordinary on-delay and/or off-delay timer.